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Get to know better Russian rules.

Each location protects its line and wants to get just goods, which meet various demands. One of the nations, which have presented the certificates, is Russian Federation.Necessary certification in Russian Federation lets the makers and farm owners to create different deals with the Russian Federation.

Select the certificate Gost RIt is the unique document which verifies the excellence of the items and verifies that the items satisfy the norms and standards necessary in Russian Federation. The criteria, which match to the goods, should be created in the text of the certificates. The gost r license is necessary for the items made in international businesses and in the Russian companies. Thanks to the mandatory accreditation, the companies including recipient are sure that the item is secure and suitable for use. There are also accreditations for consignments of products. They are unique accreditation, which are developed just for 1 use for provided number of products which must be sent in the specific time.

From this document, the recipient from the Russia can know about data, the number and name of the product relating with the agreement with the Russian company.
Another certificate, which can be reached from the Russian government, is the accreditation for serial production. In the situation, the document is issued to the given organization – the maker. The certificate is provided for one or 3 years, depending on the certification design. While selecting this type of document, the recipient is aware that the production plant might be examined by the Russian specialists. GOST-R, is rather various from the ISO certification. Gost-r is provided for the goods (articles), and not for the whole production facility.


Gost-r is one of the most important certificates in Russia. It can appear to be a horror to obtain it; however, in the end it is very easy, if the products fulfill particular properties. The Russian Federation takes care of their residents and permits just the best businesses to collaborate with them.
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