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Interested in starting your own clubs in Wroclaw?

You love partying. You have spent a lot of weekends in clubs so you think you know all about them. Maybe you have worked in nightclub for many years and you managed to identify all errors made by your former employers and you realized how to avoid them in your own business.

There could be plenty of scenarios. But what is the most crucial here is that you think that you know everything about clubs. You are convinced that if you start your own nightclub, it would be the most amazing place ever. You managed to save necessary funds or get a loan. Or maybe you are about to open the business together with your friends or a family member so each of the partner brings needed financial contribution. ThatThe plan sounds good. But there might be even more crucial factor than the experience you possess about running a popular club.

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Do you already know what that could be? This is location! But by location I don’t mean the main street or other trendy area of the town. What I mean is completely unexpected location! The nightclub in the place that has never been associated with night life before.

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Autor: Sam Howzit

It is highly beloved idea in Berlin, the capital of Germany. A lot of the most successful nightclubs are located in old and abandoned factories. For instance, in buildings that used to be a soap factory or dog food factory. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Additionally, many of such nightclubs are not completely renovated. Wondering around the building, between different dance floors, you can see many small abandoned facilities. As I already mentioned – they are not renovated and often look completely dilapidated. In such destroyed room youcould find a new chair that owner intentionally has put there. Thanks to this, that is not just an old room anymore. It becomes a place where you can sit down with your beer and chill out for a while. Or just have a cigarette. It seems to be simple but that is what creates a climate of the place.

It is also worth to combine the club with history of the country and the region. If you are checking property for sale Poland to find the most appropriate location for your nightclub, you should look at the local history and culture. E.g, most of the Polish cities used to be industrial centers. a lot of factories were shut down and are abandoned currently. So why not opening the nightclub in one of many old warehouses in Poland? Follow this logic in every other country – get more info. Then you are going to possess a very club!

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