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Start a unique training – be a fencer

The beginning of the college year is an excellent alternative to initiate many new activity which will make you in shape and provide a lot of fun in the same time. There are plenty assorted activities which can be completed even by people who do not enjoy sports much. 1 of the exercises is undoubtedly fencing.


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Fence is an Olympics discipline since 1896. Fencing is a form of martial arts where two men and females combat each other. They apply special swords so it makes the sport hazardous. Still, it may be quite safe when the sports men and females put on unique clothing which are required in the sport.

The clothing consist of few components, which include:

• Form – it is a suitable jacket with strap which is located between the legs. It is the 1st outfit which is used by the challengers.
• Sous – plastron – it is wear underneath the coat. It gives double protection.
• Gloves – the most important glove is this which keeps the gun.
• Breeches – they are specialized trousers which protect legs.
• Shoes – they are chiefly flat shoes and they are created to be very comfy.
• Mask – it is the most significant protection, it covers face and neck.
• Plastic female chest protector – it is worn by female competitors.

If you are thinking about the sport and you want to test to be a fencer, you ought to enroll in one of fencing clubs London – The organization arranges the classes for every one aged between 16 and seventy. The classes are right for females and guys and it also does not matter if you are right or left handed! Each training is


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carried out by expert teacher who is a certified, gifted and very experienced competitor.

The fencing classes in teams occur each day from wednesday to thursday from 6pm – 8pm and on Saturdays are arranged unique training courses where the fencers will establish their capabilities. The Weekend classes starts at 12pm and finishes at 3pm. It is also a chance to participate in specific training which is set separately with the fencer and the teacher.

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